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  1. Sunday Morning Message 
    "You are Designed by God" This message is for the pastor and church wanting to inspire and enlist its adherents to get involved. This inspirational talk, usually given during Sunday Morning services, moves the audience to action. A typical response is a 10% - 40% increase in the number of volunteers.                                                                                               
  2. Ministry Showcase 
    A modern take on an old-school ministry fair. This is an opportunity for members of your congregation to come by and find a ministry that they are designed for. Grow your volunteer base and create moments of connection.                                                                                                                     
  3. Communication Workshop 
    This workshop is geared toward helping leaders and volunteers increase their communication effectiveness. What would your team, business, or ministry look like if your workers were better listeners, encouragers, and asked better questions? All three are coaching skills and can be trained. Not only will participants learn to relate better with your target audience, they will understand how to communicate more effectively in every relationship they have. This workshop is for existing volunteer leaders and staff looking to become better listeners, encouragers, and have the ability to ask the right questions. 
  4. Coaching & Consulting
    Each church is uniquely different in their systems, DNA, and character. Rather than trying to use a one size fits all process, let Duke walk your team through shaping your own volunteer recruitment process using the Worker Realization Model as a guide. Not only will your team have the opportunity to learn why people volunteer, they will discover how to implement that information in growing and shaping your ministry. 

What Others Say...

"I thought you would like to know that between your message and the ministry showcase we saw a 31% increase in the actual number of people serving and a 61% increase in the number of ministry positions/roles being staffed by volunteers. That's really a pretty amazing result for a one weekend investment in our people. And not including the benefit of the training sessions, which we will reap in the months to come."
 Mark Carrara, Highpoint Church

"Thanks to Duke Matlock for an outstanding leadership training! His subject knowledge and teaching style were well received. The workshop deeply impacted our leaders. Well worth the investment!"

 Jim Angelakos, Faith Assembly of God

"At the end of the day Duke is all about seeing change and growth occur in his listeners. As a public trainer as well as a leadership consultant, all of his efforts are focused on change and growth that result in progress and greater effectiveness."
Ed Russo, Victorious Life Church

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